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Senior Cyber Laws & Compliance Consultant & Advisory
Juris Doctor in Law (First Year, L1-Completed) 

Mr. Ali internationally recognized and registered with ISACA,, ISC2 and actively pursuing Juris Doctor in Law (First Year, L1 Completed), Mr. Ali is specializing in Data Protection, Privacy, Regulatory Compliance, and Cyber Crimes & Cyber Terrorism Countermeasure, Corporate and Contractual Business Disputes and Provide Expert Witness Services in Cyber Related Complex Litigation, Investigation, and Legal Researcher to support the client objectives..

Mr. Ali specializes in performing complete enterprise cybersecurity risk evaluation identify cybersecurity gaps, red flags, fear of unknown or undetected cyber threats, plan, assess, identify and recommended proper, applicable, and acceptable mitigation controls under laws and cybersecurity best practices.

Mr. Ali also had assisted leading internal and external security risk audits, risk analysis, risk assessments, e-discovery planning, discovery Planning, cybersecurity litigation case review and analysis, case development, evidence discovery, validation, and analysis, forensic analysis, compliance readiness, data security, data privacy, data protection, and optimizing business operations, infrastructure, application, and processes.

Mr. Ali offers sevices cyber security specialized law firms to provide his expert cybersecurity advisory and expert witness services to support their cases, which require expert analysis and reporting, e-Discovery, investigation, and forensic analysis to support client position.